Join me on my Dukan Diet journey

Breakfast of Champions!

Sunday morning Frittata!

Our routine at home is 1/1 we alternate P and P/V but Sunday and Monday are both P days, since we try to keep the days of the week the same. We have an active soccer family and we want to make sure that on game night and practice night we are able to have PV since we end up going to diner on Tuesdays and making a good meal on Thursday’s. If we have PV on Tuesday’s then the menu dilemma is much easier…. order side veggies and regular chicken with no sauce with a diet coke!…..Well all this to tell you that every Sunday I make a great break fast of  Bacon, Frittata, yogurt and Dukan bread with Coffee….I look forward to Sunday morning!

There is no trick to the Frittat! I usually use what I have left in the fridge if I havent made it to the store:


Egg whites

Green onions

Cottage cheese

Regular low fat cheese (what ever is in the fridge)

mix it all up and add some no-fat hot dogs from Schneider, bake in the oven for about 20 minutes and you have a light fluffy Frittata!

Give it a try and Happy Sunday!


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